From script to screen . . .

Words Become Pictures is a creative firm specializing in motion graphics, animation and mobile app development located in Tucson Arizona. With our refined creative sensibilities and a rich knowledge of emerging technologies, we help our clients turn their inspiration into realization.

We work with large to mid-sized companies on a wide range of creative efforts and take pride in completing each project on time and with detail precision.

Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z
We've created a series of children's educational videos for the Tucson based Learning A-Z designed to teach kids creative writing skills.
Little Caesar's

Little Caesar's
Words Become Pictures founder Jon Rustad partnered with Los Angeles based Hunter-Sauleda this Rod Serling inspired television spot for Little Caesar's Pizza.
Stash & Dash - Game

Stash & Dash - Game
We created this whimsical FaceBook and iPad game for Transamerica Retirement Services. Play it now.
Phoenix Boats - App

Phoenix Boats - App
Words Become Pictures created this iPad and Web app for customers to customize their Phoenix Bass Boat. Try it out.
United Way of Tucson

United Way of Tucson
Words Become Pictures produced and directed United Way of Tucson's annual report video.

Words Become Pictures founder Jon Rustad created this emotional video for AVON Walk To End Breast Cancer.
Vantage West

Vantage West
We partnered with Commotion Studios to create the Vantage West coin toss animation for University of Arizona Football games in Tucson.
Brine Lacrosse

Brine Lacrosse
We partnered with Tucson's Crown Chimp Productions to create this event feature with Brine Lacrosse.


By definition, animation makes things come to life. Plain and simple. It is a broad dynamic medium for telling stories in film, tv, web and advertising.

Whether it be young tree emerging from a single seed or a gorilla crashing on roller skates while serving burgers and shakes, viewers today absorb the subtext effortlessly through the "life-like" animation. This is the challenge and great obsession of any good animator. We are continually observing how the real world moves and reapplying it to artwork.

While animation can propel us into vastly different worlds, it is also used to demonstrate complex concepts where words fall short. It’s always better to "show" rather than just "tell". If you have a message that needs to be effectively communicated, storytelling with animation is a sure way to capture the attention of a viewer and drive home your message.

Words Become Pictures works closely with our clients to determine what is the best approach for communicating their story.

We also have our own animated projects. Be on the look out for the upcoming series debut of the Roguey Coyote Cartoon Show!

Motion Graphics:

How is motion graphics different from animation? Well, simply stated, it’s graphic design in motion. Let’s say you’ve created a print product like a magazine ad or brochure. It’s been designed in a way that it’s easy to read based on hierarchical importance of it’s elements. You want them to first see the title and explanation of the event or service, then you’d like to give them more detail information and finally a call to action like the event date and location or to "Buy my stuff now". Motion graphics essentially does the same thing but over time using animation of the graphical elements usually put to music and sound effects.

This is also intended to help people grasp the message in an orderly fashion so that it engages them to understand quickly what may be a more tedious topic.

Motion graphics are obviously used on a predominate number of television commercials and shows whether it be product features, glamour shots, main title sequences, commercial interstitials, and "lower-third" title cards. It is used extensively in many feature films like "Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist".

Words Become Pictures has had extensive experience delivering broadcast quality motion graphic packages for our clients, whether it be for televisions shows, commercials, DVD titles, or web videos.


Got a great idea for a new app? Maybe something that will position your company for increased sales or service your customers in a more convenient and effective way. Maybe you want to create a fun app that produces more awareness of your company or organization?

It's undeniable how mobile computing and social media networks have already changed the way people do business and approach their leisure time. These technologies are already intimately integrated with people's lives and it looks as though they will be for a long time. Tapping into these powerful tools is a necessary part of doing business these days and we'd love to help.

We create apps for mobile devices such as iOS and Android, as well as apps that take advantage of the powerful Facebook platform. Let us know how we might help you enhance you online and mobile presence.


Games are fun. Right? But games are also stories. They can be whimsical, silly, puzzling, challenging, and definitely engaging. Many of our clients see it as a way to draw traffic to their sites or provide a payoff for checking out their website.

We’ve been creating web games since before Flash even was a thing! We used the Shockwave platform to make two different games for NBC's Seinfeld show (that sounds like a really long time ago, because it was). Nonetheless, now we create for most all platforms including mobile devices and social networks.

Recently, we designed and created Stash & Dash for Transamerica Retirement Solutions. The goal was to develop a game that would ultimately communicate to the player the importance of starting their retirement savings now while they’re still young. The calculations in the game demonstrate how stashing away a little bit of coin now would eventually balloon to be a really big chuck of change. Stash & Dash for Facebook features a live "Leader Board" to compare your score to your friends among other social networking features.

Graphic Design and Branding:

Logo design and branding generally fall into the category of "graphic design", but we see it as more of a fine art. Capturing the essence of a company or organization while illustrating it's mission is a thoughtful and inspired process.

Some folks think it's all about picking the right font or even coming up with a icon or a clever caricature. Creating a timeless and effective brand mark will immediately communicate the intention and purpose of an organization while embodying its goals and sensibilities.

We have years of experience creating effective logos and branding strategies. Feel free to peruse some of our past branding designs and let us know how we can help with any of you graphic design needs.

Screenwriting and Development:

If you're building a house, you need to start with a solid foundation. Why spend time and money on a project if the script hasn't been hashed out and the project itself hasn't been fully developed.

We work with our clients to flesh out their commercial, film, or animation project until every character is fully developed and each plot point furthers the purpose of telling the story in the most effective way possible.

We've all seen shows and commercials that have a brilliant premise, but which fail in it's execution. These are tragically missed opportunities. We prefer to show rather than tell and to walk the viewer through the content in a way entirely communicates the intent of the story.

Video Editing and Post Production:

What makes the cut? Only what is pertinent to telling the story. Even if the director of photography can't live without the shot with the lens flare or the actor loves take 2 because he thinks it shows off his good side, if it's not what's best for the edit then it's left on the floor.

Whether we shot the footage ourselves or not, when we put on our "editing caps" we approach the project with a "beginner's mind" as though we've never seen or heard of the story before. In fact, every time we play it back, we clear our minds and approach it as though we're seeing it for the first time. This helps us identify what might be missing from the story and determine what can be stripped out to make a more concise message.

Fix it in post? Well, only if it's the last resort. As long time motion graphic and special effects folks, we are uniquely equipped to mask and replace most anything in a shot without going out to another post house. We can even freshen up the looks of an old building and in some cases completely replace the location. We also have access to a full green screen and sound stage, so if necessary we can figuratively "fly you to the moon"!

Flash/ActionScript 3:

We are long time Flash/ActionScript 3 developers. This has been one of our staple platforms for large variety of clients. We’ve developed many interactive product demos, infographics, media players, and navigation systems. While there’s a lot of talk about the end of the Flash Player Plugin, we still seem to be getting a lot of requests for Flash since not all browsers are HTML5 compliant.

We also see that the Flash Authoring environment is a fantastic iOS and Android development tool and will likely segue itself into being a premiere HTML5 developer tool, providing a easy way to publish to all mobile and desktop platforms using just one codebase.

HTML5 Canvas:

Indeed, the darling at the ball (is that a good analogy, I don’t know). Nonetheless, the long awaited promise of HTML5 and HTML5 Canvas is finally here. Soon HTML5 will be the law of the land and we love it! It has done away with a lot of the gobble-dee-gook (a technical term) we’ve been dealing with since our predecessors first started coding in their fire lit caves. This will enable us to provide a rich content experiences for internet users with seamless integration of video and animated content.

We’d be happy to assist you in converting you previous Flash projects into an HTML5 Canvas element. We love doing stuff like that (believe it or not).


We compose music and do sound design as well. Technically, our "sister" company Famous Bakery Music does the work. Famous Bakery is a long standing music licensing and publishing company as well as being a audio recording studio.

Check out Famous Bakery Music’s website.


Due to spam concerns, we only offer the following email address for general public contacts. We will reply promptly with our full contact information. Thanks for understanding.


Due to spam concerns, we only offer the following email address for general public contacts. We will reply promptly with our full contact information. Thanks for understanding.