By definition, animation makes things come to life. Plain and simple. It is a broad dynamic medium for telling stories in film, tv, web and advertising.

Whether it be young tree emerging from a single seed or a gorilla crashing on roller skates while serving burgers and shakes, viewers today absorb the subtext effortlessly through the "life-like" animation. This is the challenge and great obsession of any good animator. We are continually observing how the real world moves and reapplying it to artwork.

While animation can propel us into vastly different worlds, it is also used to demonstrate complex concepts where words fall short. It’s always better to "show" rather than just "tell". If you have a message that needs to be effectively communicated, storytelling with animation is a sure way to capture the attention of a viewer and drive home your message.

Words Become Pictures works closely with our clients to determine what is the best approach for communicating their story.

We also have our own animated projects. Be on the look out for the upcoming series debut of the Roguey Coyote Cartoon Show!