Game Development:

Games are fun. Right? But games are also stories. They can be whimsical, silly, puzzling, challenging, and definitely engaging. Many of our clients see it as a way to draw traffic to their sites or provide a payoff for checking out their website.

We’ve been creating web games since before Flash even was a thing! We used the Shockwave platform to make two different games for NBC's Seinfeld show (that sounds like a really long time ago, because it was). Nonetheless, now we create for most all platforms including mobile devices and social networks.

Recently, we designed and created Stash & Dash for Transamerica Retirement Solutions. The goal was to develop a game that would ultimately communicate to the player the importance of starting their retirement savings now while they’re still young. The calculations in the game demonstrate how stashing away a little bit of coin now would eventually balloon to be a really big chuck of change. Stash & Dash for Facebook features a live "Leader Board" to compare your score to your friends among other social networking features.