Motion Graphics:

How is motion graphics different from animation? Well, simply stated, it’s graphic design in motion. Let’s say you’ve created a print product like a magazine ad or brochure. It’s been designed in a way that it’s easy to read based on hierarchical importance of it’s elements. You want them to first see the title and explanation of the event or service, then you’d like to give them more detail information and finally a call to action like the event date and location or to "Buy my stuff now". Motion graphics essentially does the same thing but over time using animation of the graphical elements usually put to music and sound effects.

This is also intended to help people grasp the message in an orderly fashion so that it engages them to understand quickly what may be a more tedious topic.

Motion graphics are obviously used on a predominate number of television commercials and shows whether it be product features, glamour shots, main title sequences, commercial interstitials, and "lower-third" title cards. It is used extensively in many feature films like "Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist".

Words Become Pictures has had extensive experience delivering broadcast quality motion graphic packages for our clients, whether it be for television shows, commercials, DVD titles, or web videos.