Video Editing and Post Production:

What makes the cut? Only what is pertinent to telling the story. Even if the director of photography can’t live without the shot with the lens flare or the actor loves take 2 because he thinks it shows off his good side, if it’s not what’s best for the edit then it’s left on the floor.

Whether we shot the footage ourselves or not, when we put on our "editing caps" we approach the project with a "beginner’s mind" as though we’ve never seen or heard of the story before. In fact, every time we play it back, we clear our minds and approach it as though we’re seeing it for the first time. This helps us identify what might be missing from the story and determine what can be stripped out to make a more concise message.

Fix it in post? Well, only if it’s the last resort. As long time motion graphic and special effects folks, we are uniquely equipped to mask and replace most anything in a shot without going out to another post house. We can even freshen up the looks of an old building and in some cases completely replace the location. We also have access to a full green screen and sound stage, so if necessary we can figuratively "fly you to the moon"!